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i want to upgrade my computer ve intel 915glvg motherboard and processor 2.6 and ram1gb400hz. i want to change my motherboard to any of the latest mother board which is compatabel to the processor and the ram presently i m using..
please suggest me..!!
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  1. It is very old system.
  2. hey can anyone help me in suggesting a which would be the best parts to upgrade my pc, which has 915 mother board, 512 ram and dual core processor.
  3. Yeah buy the following parts:

    1 - Buy a nice new case and power supply - this will first off make your computer look much nicer! :)

    2 - Buy a new motherboard, processor, RAM. Make sure you have some onboard VGA graphics, and a PCIexpress 2.0 x16 slot on the motherboard.

    3 - Buy a nice modern graphics card

    4 - Sit back and marvel at your nice new shiny modern self-built PC! :)

    5 - Take all of your old parts and try to sell them or just have a party and destroy them all in a sacraficial manner :D
  4. What is your budget? That will define what is possible for you. Baring in mind your PC and components are quite old, its not worth wasting money on old kit. Better off buying new components. You can build a decent mid range PC for £400 these days.
  5. So, your are saying me to completely change my system to an newer one?
  6. Yes. There simply comes a point where it just doesn't make sense to put money into an old system.

    Whether you to decide to use Intel or AMD, you will need new motherboard, CPU, and memory. Your old case and power supply are probably inadequate. If you have an AGP graphics card, you cannot use that either.

    It's time for a new system.
  7. So how much you think it would cost me for all the configuration you suggested me to take.
  8. there are configurations for every budget just say how much you wanna spend or go HERE but fill in THIS while you at it
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