I am planning to buy a 9600 GT Is that a good card?

I am planning to buy a 9600 GT I GB card from Ebay. It is actually the following card.
I am low in budget and planning to run games in 1360X768 resolution.
what do you think about it?

My system config
MB dg41rq
CPU Q8400 Quad core
PSU 450W unbranded
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  1. nope, 9600GT is a low end card, yes it can play games but with medium setting or even lowest setting...
    Get a higher card like 9800GTX+ or GTS 250 or HD 5750.
    How much do u want to spend?
    The rest of your system are good, except the PSU... :)
  2. I am looking for something under 100$
  3. 9600GT is quite good card for lower resolution. in some games you can push the setting to high. but still it depends on the game that your going to play. as for memory config i think it is better if you can grab 9600GT with 512 mb of memory
  4. how about games like assassin's creed 2, Modern warfare 2, operation flash point dragon rising?
  5. not sure about assassin creed 2 and operation flash point but with modern warfare 2 i think you can max it out using 9600GT. i'm currently using 9600GSO and i can max out in modern warfare 2 but i play at very low resolution. (1024 x 768)
  6. yasitha2 said:
    Could you please check this card in ebay and let me know what you think about that card and the price?

    That is the same price as newegg. except shipping is way more expensive.
  7. okay, since renz already have that card and he said it's good then u can go with 9600GT... :)
  8. For ~$100, get a 4850. It goes for about $80 on ebay used.

    It's equal to a GTS250/9800GTX, and roughly 3 tiers above a 9600GT.
  9. AS u have a low resolution monitor ,U can go with the 9600GT 512mb,1gb will be an overkill!

    With regards!
  10. If you budget is < $100 I would suggest you consider pushing a little higher than the 9600GT. The 9800GT is available on newegg for $80 (MIR) and would be better--while still well within your power supply's ability.

    An ATI 4850 ($99 on newegg) would be much better than the 9600 or 9800GT--but is a little closer to the limitations of your PSU...
  11. Also dont spend more to get 1gb of ram on the card-- you dont need the ram if you are running at a low 1360X768 resolution.
  12. Best answer
    Don't get that card - it is overpriced compared to retail and in addition you lose out on manufacturers support, warranty, and have a non-standard heat sink, and no "known" vendor to go back to if buy on eBay.

    The best deal right now - if your budget can handle it - is the BFG GTS 250 on sale for $100 AR plus shipping. The card is about 50% faster than the 9600 GT and even if your current system may not take advantage of it all you can carry it into your next system. And it comes with great BFG support and a lifetime warranty.

    NOTE = it says the $20 rebate ends TODAY

    Also note that it is slightly OC and the 1 GB version - listing says:

    Turn on PhysX™, kick it into Stereoscopic 3D and give your eyes something to talk about! Backed by free 24/7/365 world-class tech support and the best lifetime warranty in the industry, the BFG GeForce® GTS 250 OC™ 1GB graphics card is overclocked out of the box and delivers world-class HD graphics performance plus GPU-accelerated NVIDIA® PhysX™ gaming effects, lightning fast video and image processing, and full NVIDIA 3D Vision™ support, allowing you to game in true stereoscopic 3D.

    If that one is too expensive, then this option costs $4 less than your eBay card (with shipping included) - the 9800 GT is about 25% faster than a 9600 GT, it comes with a major brand (ASUS) to support it, 3 year warranty, and has a heavy duty heatsink (Glaciator Fansink), Native HDMI Output and your dealing with newegg for a vendor - all for less money,

    ASUS EN9800GT/DI/512MD3 GeForce 9800 GT 512MB 256-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - Retail - $85 + $7 shipping

    Here is a review on that card - note that their only real complaint is that it is a remake of the 8800GT and technology is maybe outdated. But also note, while they were lamenting about this a year ago and nVidia cards in general, when you look at the THG best gaming card linked below you will see that this card is still on the list as a best buy in the $100 price range and that it and its brothers - the 9600 GT and the GTS 250 - all with the same similar technology - still "rule the roost" over ATI in the $85 tp $120 range.

    And here are the charts on the three - plus I included the 4850 that someone mentioned above:,1195.html?prod%5B2465%5D=on&prod%5B2456%5D=on&prod%5B2450%5D=on&prod%5B2473%5D=on

    Also note that the 9600 GT, 9800 GT, and GTS 250 essentially rule the roost on the THG list of best cards to buy in the range from approximately $85 to $120 - and the GTS 250 1 GB is listed is the best for $120, although you can buy for $20 less. Such a deal.
  13. Thanks everybody, There is a small problem. I need the card shipped to Pakistan. So how can I do that? I really love the card rockyjohn suggested.
  14. Very expensive.
    I think GTS 250 1Gb costs around 400$ here.
  15. Could you please suggest me a good mail forwarding service or something like that? How about shipitto?
  16. Just get a 9800gt or 9800gtx. Those can be had for less than $100 on ebay.
  17. tuesday0180 said:
    Just get a 9800gt or 9800gtx. Those can be had for less than $100 on ebay.

    A 9800GTX is pushing the limit for the offbrand 450w psu. The 9800GT is a good choice though and should be available for not much more than a 9600GT.
  18. Fry's electronics has raised the price of the VGA card rockyjohn mentioned above. I think it's no longer cheap.
  19. both 9800 gt and 9800GTX cards cost more than >100$ when international shipping offered. Sipping is around 35$. So the cost is about 145$
  20. yasitha2 said:
    Fry's electronics has raised the price of the VGA card rockyjohn mentioned above. I think it's no longer cheap.

    Yes, when I posted it yesterday I stated that the rebate was ending that day.
  21. yasitha2 said:

    How could we think anything since no manufacturer or brand is listed - except that I would never buy such a card. What kind of warranty do you get? Lifetime like the better cards, one to three years like others, or none? Who do you contact for support?

    You complained above about international rates but, I just plugged Pakistan into the selector for that card and the shipping rate is $33.
  22. I agree that the first seller seems a little light on details.

    This one looks interesting and at least if you get screwed you have a picture that you can claim it doesnt match...
  23. yasitha2 said:
    I am planning to buy a 9600 GT I GB card from Ebay. It is actually the following card.
    I am low in budget and planning to run games in 1360X768 resolution.
    what do you think about it?

    My system config
    MB dg41rq
    CPU Q8400 Quad core
    RAM 3GB
    PSU 450W unbranded

    So, in retrospect.. after going through all this discussion--your original idea with the $15 shipping really seems to be your best option. There are better deals--but none of the others ship internationally for $15--which makes up for a lot. (after shipping this one and the one i just posted are almost identical)

    Also, this seller has reputable ratings which would make me feel a lot better about them.
  24. Don't buy your card from ebay. Theres no warranty and theres no real way to get support if the card dies. Video cards are something you shouldn't buy used without a warranty because they can die any time. You don't know if the previous user seriously overclocked that thing to hell. It could be a time bomb waiting to explode.

    Just try to buy from somewhere close to you if you can. Does India have any online retailers? How about Japan, Korea and Taiwan?
  25. Ebay has user feedback for a reason. You'd have to be REALLY paranoid to avoid ebay as long as you pay attention to the feedback the seller has. The cards are often sold new so that thing about OCing(as if it mattered which it most likely doesn't) doesn't even need to be considered.
  26. Ebay might not be my first choice here in the states, but I think its a reasonable one for her. As an international she doesnt have a lot of other options--and the sellers linked to this page have excellent user ratings with a significant number of ratings.
    Also--these prices are pretty decent for the cards.
  27. Well let me make your life easier dude..No one here will be able to give you a decent advice because they them selves have no knowlege about what any card is cable of delivering for instance if you ask them what "pixel" is i bet ya no one will even give you to the point answer so giving you a decent card advice is a vast issue....No 9600GTs No 9800GTX craps or 98000000000GTXXXXX BLAH BLAH ;)..As a brotherly advice go for (((((((8800GT)))))))) "THATS IT" you wont ever regret it ...Prove is that >>these perverts giving you such stupid advices have out stocked these cards with each one having two of such crossfired in their PC's.I bet ya that you will find 8800gt in every second PC you uncase if not every.
  28. Wow - Hammad - You resurrect a two week old thread just to embarrass yourself by insulting others with lame attacks and displaying extreme arrogance.

    One thing that makes your foolishness so obvious is you rant against the 9800 GT in favor of the 8800GT. That is pure foolishness when the 9800 GT is just an updated, slightly improved version of the latter.

    You would do well to heed the words of Mark Twain, "Better to be silent and thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

    Shame on you for posting to insult other posters and mislead readers.
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