Northbridge Overheating

I recently moved back to the US after being stationed in South Korea. Upon moving to my new duty station, I hooked up my old computer and put in my new GPU I had in my system I built in Korea. After doing that, SpeedFan shows my northbridge has been idling around 110C and spiking as high as 125C. This is WAY too hot and is causing BSODs as well as crashes. I don't know much about the northbridge, but I know the GPU may affect it and somehow cause this reaction. Any ideas?

case Silverstone RV02
mobo MSI 785GT-E63
cpu AMD Phenom II X3 740
gpu MSI GeForce GTX560 Ti

Here is a picture of my setup:

Thank you for your help.
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  1. Is there a spot on the side panel for a fan. Usually when there is the position is right over the video cards and northbridge.
    Did you change any settings , do any overclocking and is the added video cards the only change that you made?
    If the side panel is not an option then you could take a 40mm fan and attach it to the heatsink of the northbridge.
  2. No slots for a fan.

    Did not overclock or change any settings. My only alteration was the addition of a new GPU.

    I'd rather not just deal with the symptom if I can find the cause. But thanks for the idea.
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