Will 667mhz memory work with 333MHz memory

Will 667mhz memory work with 333mhz memory DDR2
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  1. there is no 333 ddr2, the smallest ddr2 support is 400mhz, 333 mhz is probably ddr memory. So in theory, no. PS, can't put both DDR and DDR2 togetjher even if you have a board like I had that had support for both type of memory modules.
  2. my cpu-z sais it runs at 333.3mhz and is a DDr2
  3. DDR2 doubles rate of memory to 667. The highest rated DDR2 ram I've seen is 1200 mhz. Which is 600mhz doubled. I know some FSB are rated at 1333 but I don't know any stock speed RAM that runs that fast. Anyway your ram is actually 667 ddr2 running at 333.3 doubled.
  4. so if the stick is a DDr2 it should work no matter what the mhz speed on it is?
  5. thanks for all the help guys got it installed works great:D
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