CM GT V6 Fan Issue

My Cooler Master GT V6 cpu fan/heatsink has only one fan running. It still keep my cpu cool, but im wondering if the fan burned out, or if theres something else causing the issue. My motherboard is a Crosshair IV and has asus epu, and on high preformance all fans run at 100% beside the one on the cpu cooler, one energy savings mode all fans slow down and some even turn off, the rear case fan does but turns back on when on performance mode.

The other cause may be all the molex adapters and extensions running thru my case to run my 670 gtx, and lighting around my case. I added 2 molex cables to add more ends to get my 670 gtx to run with out finding my modular psu cables that i dont know where they are. I could prob lower the amount of cables i used cause it seems quite rigged, but everything else runs and works fine beside that cpu cooler fan. PSU is a OCZ ModXStream 700Watt.

So would it be a bad fan? or over use of molex cables?

ASUS RoG Crosshair IV
Phenom II X6 1090T @ 3.2Ghz
ASUS GTX 670 (non TOP)
16gb corsair ddr3 1600 RAM
PSU listed above
NZXT rope lighting
one extra 200mm led fan
one hdd and dvd burner
CM Storm Enforcer case
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    The Cooler Master V6 , does it have just the one fan plug? Are both fans runningoff the one fan plug or does each fan have a seperate connection plug. If there is just the one fan connection then the second fan is somehow connected inside the housing with the first fan that's still running. The connection may have come loose and if you can see where it's connected then you would be able to tell.
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