CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 + MSI p55-GD65 BSODs

Hey, so I recently bought the MSI p55-GD65, i5-750 and Corsair 4G XMS3 1600c9, and everytime I boot up with both sticks of ram dual-channeled, I keep getting BSODs. Whenever I boot up with just one of either stick, I don't encounter any problems at all. Corsair's website says that my mobo should be compatible with the ram I bought.

I went back to Microcenter to replace the ram with the same model to see if it was some kind of defect, but it wasn't because the same issue occurs. I should have just bought and tested out entirely different ram altogether when I went back there but I'm dumb.

I ran memtest86+ and received test errors #1-5 and #8. Not sure what these mean though.

Does anyone have suggestions on what ram I should buy or what could possibly be the issue?
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  1. Check the settings (timings and voltage) your BIOS is using for your memory, and see if they match the memory's spec. If not, set the correct parameters in BIOS.
  2. Twoboxer's correct. Go into BIOS and check that the settings are put in correctly.. many times the automatic settings that the motherboard puts for RAM are incorrect..

    Manually put in timings and voltage into BIOS as indicated for that set of dominators..
  3. I assume your're seating the ram in the proper dimms.
    And when you memtest i assume you test each stick seperately.
    That's the only way to tell which module is faulty.
    Have you updated the mobo bios and drivers?
  4. The timings and voltage set in the BIOS match the specifications of the ram at 9-9-9-24 and 1.65V, respectively.

    I inserted the ram modules in DIMM 1 and 3 as specified by the mobo. I don't believe that there is anything defective about this set of ram, as I just replaced it yesterday with the same model. I have updated the drivers, but not the BIOS.

    I think I am going to format to see what that brings about as it is something that's simple enough to perform that I haven't attempted yet. I suspect that the mobo may somehow be faulty, but I still don't know yet.
  5. I just finished formatting, booted up with both sticks of ram, and was experiencing really strange slowdown issues at the desktop. I couldn't open up any kind of window for anything, and it seemed like everything was loading extremely slow. For example, the bottom taskbar was all greyed out, and then it eventually became the transparent blue. I didn't bother waiting for a BSOD or anything so I just shut down. I ran memtest86 again with both sticks and received errors in #5 and #8.

    Also, this morning, when my dad booted up my computer, he told me that he experienced a BSOD while there was only one stick of ram in the mobo. I haven't encountered any problems yet with just one stick, but I guess there's still problems even then. I wish I had spare DDR3 ram lying around to test it out, but unfortunately for me, I don't. At this point, I'm considering swapping the mobo out and getting a new one as that should hopefully rectify my problems. I don't know what else I could do.

    EDIT: I just realized that i installed Windows 7 x32 instead of x64, so i'm in the process of formatting again. I'd probably disregard the first paragraph for now until I undergo the same steps again and see what happens. I'll also install the lastest BIOS as that might be helpful.
  6. Just a thought - is your memory actually running at 1333 or 1600? If you have asked it to run at 1600 (eg, by choosing a profile), I believe the mobo needs to auto-OC itself (Bclock=160). In doing that it may or may not make other changes which could be causing the problem.

    Reference is the "Best answer" in this thread:
  7. I am running with the same memory/cpu/mb combo. I have the same issues described here but only when I have 4 sticks of this ram in. I've been dealing with this ram for almost a year now. The ram passes memtest individually so I know they aren't bad. I'm running at the recommended voltage and timings. I was originally using an ASUS board but thought there might be an incompatibility as most people reporting issues with this model ram have ASUS. I grabbed the MSI board and while way more stable than the ASUS, I still have issues. Removing one stick seems to resolve it. Please note the issue is not a faulty stick as I can try any combination of the 3 sticks and it works.

    One thing I haven't tried with the new board though is upping the volts for the IMC. I'll give this a shot when I get home.
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