Has antone had such miserable dealings with Sapphire as I have?

Sapphire company is a rip off dont waste your hard earned cash on these products, they are crap
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  1. why did u say that?
    What happened to your card?
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    Sorry but you didn't give any single reasons for it,if you have a problem with a brand the please clarify,there are always users who have problems with a brand and those who don't,so please tell us about your problem
  3. I have Sapphire and didn't have any sort of problems with their cards. Please be more explicit.
  4. Who is antone?
  5. hmmm my sapphire is working just fine

    though i you gave some details we might know why you are pissed (though we might not care)
  6. I can't really speak to the quality of Sapphire's tech support or customer service as I have never had to use either and it sounds like you might have more of an issue with those aspects of the company rather than the product itself.

    I can speak to the quality of the Sapphire product I own and I am completely satisfied with my Sapphire product.
  7. their card fouled after a short period of time and they wont warrentee it in my country, i live in Canada they want me to asend it to chinaeven though they have a location in the U.S.I have no problems within my computer at all, it runs perfect ecept the graphics card
  8. No company is capable of producing a product that is not 100% defective free. It happens but some unlucky people do get a bad product every now and then. Personally I’ve owned 3 Sapphire products and they are all still kick’n.
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