Need help overclocking

Hi there ! I'm new with this overclocking world and i need some help here.
I run 3d mark11 and results are not what i've expected and comparing similar pcs mine is not so good.
Here are the facts:
Score P6131
Graphics Score 7914
Physics Score 9570
Combined Score 1899 hmm ?

My pc:
Intel I7 2600k overcloked by bios to 4500mhz
Motherboard Asrock Z68 Fatality Profressional Gen3
Memory 32mb corsair 8mb single module each runing at 1.5v
SSD OCZ Vertex 3 240gb
AMD Sapphire 7970 HD overclocked by Trixxx to core clock 1000mhz memory clock at 1465mhz
with 1200 gpu voltage
Corsair H60 Liquid Cpu Cooler
Power Supply Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800W

Games run pretty well, like max payne 3, bf3 but i think i can get more from all this stuff. Any advices or recommendations??

Thnx !!!
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  1. When you were finished with the benchmark run what did the program say about the comparison of your Pc compared to others with similar builds? Did you monitor your temps while running the 3Dmark11. When you overclocked your 2600K did you add any voltage to get to 4.5 ghz
  2. yes, it said your pc should score better, and it shows a graph, my pc is a little bar compared to other ones. LOL
    Mmm no, how do i monitor temps while benchmarking ? any good program ?
    Yes i set the vcore voltage to 1.338v.
    VTT voltage running at 1.051v
    VCCSA voltage running at 0.925v
    PCH voltage runing at 1.059v
    Cpu PLL voltage running at 1.832v
    Never got a crash or black screen freezed
  3. Your vcore voltage should not go over 1.38v or you wll shorten the lifespan of your cpu. I do see that you are under that voltage but I just wanted to let you know.
    The voltage that you are at did you have to add that much? It seems kind of high for a 4.5 ghz overclock. I would think that you could get to 4.5 ghz with little or no added voltage.
  4. the factory default was 1.28, maybe trying at 1.29 ? or maybe runing up to 4.8 ghz ?
  5. Did you follow the right overclocking steps? It starting to sound like your just picking numbers and seeing if it works. What did you change in the bios to do your overclock?
  6. actually i found a guide (don't remember where) for a similar computer. As i said before i don't know much for overclocking, so i don't want to make a toaster from my pc hehe.
    I monitored the benchmarking, temps in cpu stays between 40 to 60 celsius
    Temps in gpu from 35 to 50 celsius too
    vcore from 1.33 to 1.404 ... don't know why so much diffrence.
  7. Maybe the best thing to do would be to reset the bios to default and start over on the overclock. An overclock done wrong can have a negative effect on the cpu and explain why the 3D mark scores are not so good. If you decide to go with the redo then run the 3D mark before you start and save the results. Starting at the default factory bios setting you would not touch anything except the cpu multiplier. Raise the multiplier a few spots and save and exit then go into Windows and run the 3Dmark and save the results. If you can save it in the program but if not then write it down and keep a log. Then go back to the bios and raise the multiplier a few more spots and save and exit. Go into Windows and rum the 3D mark again and save the results. Repeat this process untill your at 4.0 - 4.2 ghz. At that point if things are still ok then start only raising the multiplier by one spot at a time with repeating the same process of testing and recording. At some point you will get to where Windows will become unstable and you will notice either freezing or some other issue that is caused by the overclock. This is where you can decide to stop or continue , if you stop then you have to lower the multiplier back to where iy was stable. If you decide to continue then a voltage increase is needed and it should be the smallest amount that you can add. The vcore has increments that are listed in the drop down window in the bios and you choose the next one. With now added voltage the process continues to be repeated untill you have to add voltage again.
    This is a slow tedious process and requires a lot of patience and time to do this but the end result is a stable overclock that will make your Pc perform much better. As you doing the overclock process you can also see if your getting better scores with the 3D mark software.
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