9600gt underpowered?

ok, i have a a problem that so many other people had already had but had a simple solution to it.But i really think mine's different.

im getting this weird power warning thing

"A problem has been identified that the card is not receiving sufficient power and that the graphics processor has lowered it's performance to a level that allows safe operation"

most answers to this problem is 'your power supply sucks" and all but it really isn't with my case.This is my spec

Pentium dual core e2160(stock)
Abit ip35-e mobo
2x2GB Corsair XMS 2 DDR2-800
Galaxy 9600gt 512 mb GDDR3
Gigabyte superb 720 power supply(continous power 610 watts,triple rail +12v,18A on each ,combined amperage is 40-42,not 54A
2x160gb hard disk(one W.D one more is seagate)
samsung 20x dvd burner
please help me!!!!!!!!!!

i've not been gaming for two weeks now and i'm rotting.even cod4 where i normally get 90 frame or so in maxed out settings is getting less than 10 frames in minimum settings
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  1. umm... do your 9600GT have a power connector?
    Yes, as u said before, your PSu is good enough... :)
  2. yes it has
    iive already connected the six pin
  3. How many 6pin cables do your PSU have?
    If it have more than one, u can try with the other one...
  4. i am currently using the pcie#1 connector.have tried before the pcie#2 connecter...same thing
  5. i guess since its 12:12 am now in u.s there is no much reply....
    my country now is 1:30 p.m afternoon.
  6. in my country it's 1:00 pm afternoon... :)
    Have u another psu maybe?
    or if u have a friend, u can try your card there...
  7. is that the only solution as it is pretty frustrating to do that
  8. just an info to tell you guys.when i run hwmonitor it says my +12v is only 6.80v.
    In speedfan it is 6.44 volts.
    But in the bios power management menu it says 11.91v and sometimes 11.97v.
    even in everest it says 11.91v.
    God i'm confused!
  9. never use software to test the voltage on the PSU, it isn't accurate

    get a digital multi meter and try to load the PC and watch the voltage
  10. how much would a digital multimeter cost
  11. errr......I live in Asia,in Malaysia...so.....UK is a little far....
  12. That's okay, just look at your places, surely many electronic shop have a digital multimeter... and it doesn't need much money to buy one, that link is just for an example... :)
  13. update:I just got my cousin's 7300gt(no power connector),running fine(of course not as fine as the 9600gt but at least its not getting 5 frames and below!)
    another thing is that the voltages are still the same even with this gpu(lazy to buy dmm.hehe...)
    after this will be trying with his gtx 260 to see what happens

    somehow the windows mouse cursor seems to be a little laggy but games are okay.I feel the message might come again in a while (power warning message)
  14. Okay, if your cousin's card is good on your system then it can be sure that your 9600GT is in trouble...
  15. my cousin tried my 9600gt in his com using a silverstone strider 560 watts(wanted to buy that actually) and it was fine,,no lag,whatsoever.
    so now its down to either my mobo or my psu(most probably the latter)
  16. and what about your cousin's gtx260, have u tried it?
  17. not yet.but i think im gonna bring this psu to hus house,try to power up his com using the gigabyte psu so if the message comes,damn you gigabyte!!!
  18. okay, if u are still struggle then u can blame your PSU..
    Just try it on first..
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