Problems after installing CPU.

I just installed a new CPU for my friend's computer (I've done this several times..not sure what I did wrong today) and after I turn it on and hit the power switch, it keeps beeping. (1 Long, 3 short) I googled it and it was a memory problem. We removed the ram, used the compressed air.

No go, so we removed the CPU, blew compressed air to make sure no dust.

No go.

It kept beeping.

We put back in the old CPU and it worked like a charm.

I upgraded

I made sure the wattage was the same, everything was fine...

What should I do? Should I ask for a replacement incase its DOA? I have no way testing it though.

Note: I haven't tried resetting the CMOS..that may work?
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  1. The board BIOS may be too old to recognize the new chip. Go to the motherboard manufacturer's website, find your MB and look up the CPU support list. See which BIOS is req'd for your new chip, and see which one you have. If your current is not equal or more recent, then you'll need to update the BIOS first.
  2. Tell us your system specs. Especially the motherboard model. I'm no psychic.
  3. What?!? You're not! Then you have to give up that bronze badge.
  4. enzo matrix said:
    Tell us your system specs. Especially the motherboard model. I'm no psychic.

    I'll have to get that to you tomorrow. The Mobo is atleast 3-4 years old.

    I'm at home and all the parts are at my friend's house.

    I'll update you tomorrow :)
  5. The mobo may only support a FSB up to 800 mhz. That was the case on my father's PC so I bought him a E5400. Hope that helps!
  6. Yeah, 65nm tech to 45nm.
    Not all boards will support that change. As suggested already, some newer boards will with a BIOS update, keep your fingers crossed that your friend's board is one of them.
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