Should i oc 2600k?

I bought a Alienware pc pretty cheap refurbished. It came with water cooling and 2600k i7 3.4ghz and 875w and raedon hd 6990. I asked on another tread about fps and people said i might be bottle necking my gpu but i dont know if i am because the guy never replied back. I was wondering if i should oc my proccessor. I am just a gamer i liketo read about cpu and tech stuff and oced my gpu but i heard ocing your processor can kill the life span. Well im asking if i should oc and if i should what is a safe pc ghZ and how? Thank you
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    You can overclock the 2600K without damageing it and a pretty safe overclock would be 4.5 ghz and you may be able to reach that fairly easy. What I would do is to start by reading the sticky at the top of this forum to get an understanding on what it is you have to do to overclock and do it safly.

    I know that most people would rather just not do a lot of reading and just do it but if you have a nice setup and don't want to mess it up then the best thing that you can do is read up on what you want to do and that way you increase your knowledge base and become more confident in doing things with your computer.
    It sounds like you got a pretty good deal on a nice computer and with the right tweeks it can be much better.
    While your reading up and gaining information you can start by going into the bios and getting familiar with how the bios works and what the different settings are , not that I'm telling you to change anything but just get familiar with it , also if you have the motherboards owners manual it would be a good idea to look through that and see what the description of the different settings are.
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