LGA2011 Chip and Heatsink

Will all heatsink/cooling solutions work with the LGA2011 chip and the Asus Rampage Formula IV MOBO? Or are there limitations? Any recommendations?

I have a Thermaltake FRIO heatsink, but unfortunately, my installation offset screws went back to Asus still attached to the broken MOBO, so I am not sure how to install the Thermaltake without them. So I am looking at other options. Or is anyone aware of how to get my hands on a new set of offset screws?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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    The 2011 cpu is a small release chip so with only three cpu models to choose from the heatsink/fan cooler has to have the bracket for it.

    If your doing a mild overclock or no overclock then this cooler would be a good choice.

    This one would be a step up and take care of dissapating 300w of heat. If you try calling Thermaltak e customer service then you could maybe get some offset screws for the heatsink that you have.
  2. I had a problem with the Thermaltake fans not seeding all the way down due to hitting the top the G.Skill Ram having the heat spreaders on top. Will the Hyper 212 EVO solve that problem? Or the other one, for that matter?

    Thanks so much for the reply!
  3. The Hyper 212 has one fan on it and if you put the fan on the side opposite the ram slots then there will be no interference if you put the fan on the side of the ram slots then the fan bottomedge will touch the top of the ram heatspreader.
  4. My ram slots are are full (4x4GB) and are on either side of the CPU slot. One of the EVO reviews said that you could move the fan up and down on the heatsink, so I should be ok. Thanks so much for the advice.
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  6. Glad to be of some help to you. forgot abot the MB of the 2011 socet haveing different layouts but yes the fan foes slide up a bit to accomadate the heat spreader.
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