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Hello everyone. This is my first watercooling loop and been reading lots on how to set this up. What I'm asking for is what you think and if there is something I've totally missed.

Case: Coolmaster HAF X
CPU: Intel Core i7-3820
MB: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
Graphics Card: GTX690 Hydro or 2 GTX680 (still undecided)
Reservoir: Alphacool Dual Repack Dual - Laing D5
Pumps: 2x VPP655 (Laing D5)
Radiator: Swiftech MCRX20-QP 360mm
CPU Block: Koolance CPU-370
GPU Block: Attached on EVGA GTX690 Hydro
Fans for radiator: 3x Sythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm

The loop will look like this Pump1 + Pump2 into Y connector -> Res -> CPU -> GPU -> In on 1 pump other closed off. The Alphacool is a single res with 2 pump attachments. The radiator will be mounted inside the top of the case. Thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You don't need two pumps , with a single loop and two components to cool , one pump is more than sfficient. If you were going with two radiators and another water block then maybe a second pump would be a good idea.
    I have a two loop setup and because it's two seperate loops I have two of everything , but if I had a single loop I would have the one pump. Other than that it looks good and when I said that you didn't need two pumps I didn't mean that you can't because you can certianly have what you want and it would work. I have actually never tried it with two pumps.
  2. The two pumps is kinda for redundancy and maybe it would help cooling I'm out on whether is would or not? Also with 2 GPU and 1 CPU that radiator would work or do you think a second would be wise, it would have to be mounted out of the case?
  3. As of your initial post you were undecided on the video card being a 690 or two 680's so it would make a difference what you decide.

    If you decide to go with the two 680's then you coud stay with the 360 and use this one. Tomorrow or the next day I will be putting the 240 version in the top of my HAF-X and once it's done I will be able to see if the 360 Monsta would work. The HAF-X isa very big case and if you went with two radiators I know one would fit and you may be able yo get a small one in there somewhere. Although it might to start to get tight with the pumps and resivoir and two radiators and you might end up with one outside. It's not a big deal to have the radiators outside as it frees up some space inside.
  4. That looks huge, Let me know how it fits. My guess is I'll want some high powered fans for that probably have to use the pull instead of push or the motherboard would get in the way.
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    The fans in the top would be removed and the fans could be mounted on top of the radiator in that space on top , push or pull makes no difference. Once installed I will post some pics.
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