NEED help FINDING motherboard

going to be using this processor

need a mini atx motherboard

needs 2 pci express 2.0 slots

needs at least 1 pci slot
and 1pci express or pci for wireless n

using 9800gt low profile in sli i know these cards are little outdated but i love them
can you give me advice on the processor should i go for the little better one in athlon II
or go for a core 2 duo
are there any mini atx motherboard with my requirements for core 2 duo

need advice on cpu cooler
this is going to be my case
so i have a limited space and that's why i am going with dual core and not quad core
i am trying to make it as cheap as possible
i am going to be using this case or something similar to this shape (not towers have too many of those)
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