Quietest case for under $100

like the title says which case is the quietest under $100 yet still has decent airflow?

also will a hsf affect the overall temp of the machine (and hopefully cause it to have lower and quiter fan speeds)?


x4 945
radeon hd 5670
antec earthwatts 650w
4gb ram 1600
Rosewill FORT120 120mm
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  1. HAF 922 or Antec 900 are both nice and quiet with lots of fans. I perfer the HAF 922 because its huge inside and really really quiet
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    A cpu heatsink is designed to help cool a cpu. The speed of a heatsink fan can be controlled by the motherboard based on cpu temperature.

    Fan noise is relative. One person's quiet fan is another person's vacuum cleaner.

    Here is a link to a very good web site with a lot of useful information about quiet pc's that will help you make an informed decision:
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