Searching for some 140mm fans

What is the best (as in quietness) 140mm case fan? Preferably in the 1000-1500rpm range with PWM. Nothing fancy, just effective silence. Any recommendations?
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  1. Check out the Cooling Fan Roundup in my sig.
  2. Hands down Thermalright TY-140

    The noctua NF-P14 is another good 140mm fan but the PWM version can't be bought individually. Only comes with noctua heatsinks. Although the non-PWM version can be bought individually.
  3. Don't forget some silicone fan mounts or grommets I believe their called to dampen the vibration so it doesn't vibrate against the case to eliminate the noise from that. That alone will probably cut back on a large portion of the noise.

    Off memory the lenovo a family member bought had those silicone fan mounts in it and a cheap fan, nothing special and that thing is silent. And my impression is that it wouldn't be without it, so from my experience pick at least one set up and give it a try if your already going to fork a premium over for a quiet fan.
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