X58 motherboard, under $200?


There seem to be many choices out there and many knowledgable folks in here.

I want a good, standard mobo for an x58 system (i7 930)

Over clocking is not something I want to do. Support for PCI2, seven slots, crossfire, ease of use/installation and some good tools are what I am looking for. Also anything else that maybe good for a quality, general purpose PC.

Other things I'd like to consider if they don't add to the price are support for Intel's extreme processors (in the future), and USB3 if that is something worthwhile.

I used to build about 10 years ago, and want to build one now....

I do want to keep the mobo under $200.


Thank you.
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  1. Asus p6X50d-e it's $240 but it's an asus


    they're like the honda of mobos... that's all they want to make.
  3. Thanks for the recommendations.

    How about this one (I skipped the specs that I am familiar with):

    Asus P6T LGA 1366 Motherboard
    $199 after rebate.

    Northbridge: Intel X58
    Southbridge: Intel ICH10R

    This is standard across all 1366 boards?

    Memory Type: DDR3
    Memory Supported: 1066MHz DDR3
    1333MHz DDR3
    Number of Slots: 6
    Maximum Memory Supported: 4GB - 32bit
    12GB - 64bit
    Max Memory Supported Per Slot: 2GB

    Here I take it that memory above 1333 is not needed if there is no overclocking involved. Also I haven't seen many 6 mem slot boards, and a 12GB limit seems low...I was thinking that it might be nice to go 24GB sometime in a 4x6 combination?

    PCI Slots: 2
    PCI Express X1 Slots: 1
    PCI Express X16 Slots: 3

    I am a bit backward on PCI slots...Is this setup good? Are these PCI2 slots? Are PCI2 slots necessary?

    The last machine I build had AGP and PCI slots and....that was it. Not even express.

    So I think that aside from the total memory possible, this might be a good board for me. Is total memory something that is addressable with a BIOS upgrade? Will I be stuck with 12GB? Is that a cause for concern...I am not sure that I like being limited like that.

    Anyway, appreciate the answers...maybe I am in a learning/building mode...but i was a good builder at the time :)
  4. Like jcpwn3r said, spend a little more cash and go for the ASUS P6X58D-E. It's the only Mobo in this price range I would gladly own. All the others, ASRock and GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R, have too many "issues" and are prone to "crises".

    The Asus P6T LGA 1366 you suggested is a bet "tired" and lacks some of the features you require (besides being a bit picky on the RAM it "plays" with). You would only be saving a couple of bucks and buying a far inferior product...
  5. Thank you all...I am sold, happily so. Now to scrape up the added cash :)
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