Trouble with 1U chassis

Hello... i've been planning to build a new system and migrate from an AMD to a dual socket 1366 motherboard, fit into a 1U chassis (45mm height). the thing is, that is really tight! i know you guys will judge me but i just have an obsession with thin stuff, so it's gotta be 1u.

my questions:

1: my first worry is about cooling. even though people say those double "turbines" can manage it, i don't really trust that... do i go with the normal 1u heatsinks (some are even passive) or do i go for a thicker vga heatsink (30mm for a zalman vf900, will that fit??) or a smaller 10mm evercool VC-RE? i was thinking of glueing the heatsink on the mobo, as it is going to stay horizontal.

2: is a single 500w psu enough? i know it sounds little for the build i am planning, or should i got with 2 of them (then i would have to change the chassis)?

3: anyone knows if i can fit fermi in this case? i know it has an expansion slot in the back, but i'm not sure if it's going to fit (planning on purchasing the graphics as soon as it comes up)

4: what are other cooling solutions? i have also considered installing two peltier's on the cpu sockets (well isolated, of course) or maybe seal the whole thing with tape and silicon glue (maybe it will condense on the outside?) and i have also been thinking about pulling a watercooler to outside the case (don't really want that, but it could be an option).

my system:

Norco RPC-1024 chassis: RPC-1204 1U Rackmount Server Case

Supermicro X8DTL dual 1366 socket:

2x xeon e5504 processors (will NOT oveclock)

fermi (as soon as it's out)

doesn't really matter now

os disks:
4x intel slc sdd's in raid 0

secondary disks:
on network

1x or 2x 1u 500w

of course i will build it slowly, i just want some opinions right now so i can buy the right chassis where the mobo, psu, heatsinks and etc will fit. the norco is looking like a great option right now... i know some things can be really cheap, but i live in brazil and as i can't find anything here, i have to import, which makes things cost 3-4 times more...

thanks for the replies, if any!!
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  1. here's a little drawing i made of how i want it to be... everything is in scale..
    sorry for the long post, you're welcome to question any products, i didn't buy anything yet

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