Overclocking Intel G630 with Asus P8H61-M LX

Can someone teach me how to overclock my cpu? I have this Intel G630 running at 2.7Ghz and i want it to oc around 3.0Ghz or lower like 2.8 or 2.9. Is this possible? I tried to oc it in bios but i dunno how :??:
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  1. You can't overclock the G630.
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    Pentium G630 is a non OC cpu...locked multiplier, and entry lvl cpu...
    u cant OC using a H61 mobo...
    u need to buy an intel K cpu, and
    mobo like mine to OC...
  3. Yep, you can't overclock sorry man.
  4. H61 doesn't allow overclocking and a G630 is a non overclockable processor.
  5. Ohh okay :( anyway thanks for replies guys.
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  7. thx for the best answer!!!
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