New GT240 May Be Causing Black Screen Freezes

I bought a used Dell Dimension E510 from my friend with these initial specs:

Dell Motherboard
Pentium D940 3.2GHz Dual Core Processor
2GB DDR2 533MHz
PNY GeForce 8500GT 512MB DDR2
Dynex 400W(?) Power Supply
Hitachi 160GB HDD
Samsung 250GB HDD
16x DVD Writer
Integrated SigmaTel Audio
(I am running Windows 7 RC, and planning to install Home Premium as soon as my hard drive arrives via UPS)

I decided to spend a gift certificate to purchase a Zotac GT240 512MB GDDR5 AMP! Edition Graphics Card. The card was a perfect replacement in that the dimensions were identical and no PCIe connectors were needed.

My games have gotten a tremendous boost, and everything seemed fine until tonight. I was playing Fallout 3 and my screen went black, the monitor went to sleep, and I had to perform a hard reboot. The same thing happened a while later when playing Oblivion. I am very concerned about this, and have been considering these possibilities:

1. Problem with graphics drivers (I'm using the latest WHQL; unfortunately I can't use older ones because my card is so new)
2. Power supply issues
3. Incompatibility with D3DOverider (to enable triple buffering)
4. Settings like V-Sync, AA, AF, etc.
5. Overheating. (I find this hard to believe since the GT240 is supposed to be quite cool-running)
6. Overclocking. (The AMP! edition is factory overclocked moderately)
7. ???

I'd appreciate any help you could give!
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  1. Hardware Monitor reports about 38-40 degrees Celsius when idle, and up to 70 degrees after ten minutes of playing Fallout 3. These seem a little high to me after reading Tom's reviews, but I don't think this is my problem.
  2. A GT 240 is NOT a rebadged card. It is a new 40nm processor that is DX10.1 compatible.
  3. Quote:
    38-40 degrees is actually really low.

    I believe your problem resides in the fact that the 9600 GT used to have a well known issue with certain motherboard chipsets which caused lots of random lock ups, blue screens of deaths and black screens of deaths. Unfortunately the GTS 240 is a rebadged 9600 GT and hence you are suffering the 9600 GT known issue.

    There is absolutely nothing you can do, return the card for another.

    The GT 240 is actually based on the GT200 architecture just like the GTX 260, 280, and 285. It is significantly cut down compared to the latter models.

    Currently I suspect a conflict with RivaTuner's D3DOverrider. It's unfortunate because that programs made Fallout 3 run silky smooth. I will continue to troubleshoot.
  4. Quote:
    Yeah, ignore what I said the GT240 is NOT a rebadged 9600 GT, I misread something.

    Your issue must be driver related or perhaps you have a dodgy card.

    I think you got confused because the performance between the GT240 w/ GDDR5 and the 9600GT are similar, and the former is intended to replace the latter. Right now there is only one official Nvidia driver that supports my card, so I can always hope future drivers will work out any issues. I'll return the card if that's what it comes down to; I'd like to see what ATI's 5670 has to offer.

    I haven't had a chance to game today. I've had no problems working in 2D.
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