Advantage of i5 over i3

Hi Guys,
I'm going to buy a notebook of 500GB HD, 4 GB Ram and 1 GB Graphics card. The only thing which is confusing me whether to go for i3 or i5 (i5 is 100$ more expensive than i3). I need for programming and gaming purpose. Please help me out.
Thanks in advance
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  1. which i3 and i5 are you comparing exactly?

    it depends on the chip, but it could be as much as an extra 2 cores. or it may simply be a higher clockspeed and/or hyperthreading.
  2. i'm comparing between i3 330 and i5 430
  3. The only real difference is clock speed.

    i3-330 = HT/3MB/2.13ghz/no turbo
    i5-430 = HT/3MB/2.26ghz/2.53ghz w/turbo

    You can check these benches and decide for yourself whether it's worth the money.

    To me, $100 seems overpriced for that kind of upgrade(probably a Dell).
  4. as above.

    the 430 is only marginally better. it is worth paying extra for, but only a little extra.
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