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Card makes hissing sound when I turn on monitor, doesn't affect comput

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
January 7, 2010 5:30:24 AM

So I've had this dual monitor set up for probably 2 years now and recently it's been having some weird problem. When I turn on my computer, even on the BIOS, my 20" LCD will start up for a split second and the graphics card goes "Hiss" inside of my computer, for less than 2 seconds. And the monitor will turn off. My other 17" LCD has no problems at all.

Note that the computer is unaffected,

However, if I turn my monitor on/off a few more times it will randomly work fine, and then it continues to work fine all day until I turn my computer off again - Even if I turn my monitor off while the computer is still on.

Of course I would look at it myself, but my computer is in a very difficult place to inspect it and there are so many cables that it's just a hassle to take it out. And I have the EVGA 9800GT - the entire card has a metal casing over it so I can't get a good look at the electrical components.

I did look at the cables, took them out and inspected them, plugged them back in. I even wiggled the one giving the problems but that didn't affect anything. Looking in the side of the card and everything looks fine. No apparent damage to the circuitry side of the card.
a c 217 U Graphics card
a c 132 C Monitor
January 7, 2010 5:48:31 AM

I bet if you were to pull the computer out and open it up, you'd see a ton of dust all over which could cause overheating and the fans to get loud.

It sounds like you've basically set the computer up and let it sit for 2 years. If that is the case, it will likely be full of dust.
May 18, 2010 11:50:14 PM

I have the same setup and I am having an identical problem.

When I turn the monitors back on and wiggle the mouse to provoke the login screen, I hear a little hiss like air being let our of a tire and then the left sided monitor turns off.

My system:

Win XP 32 bit
Asus motherboard
AMD 9950 proc
Evga 9800 GT x 2 w/latest drivers

I cleaned the dust out of my system about 2 months ago, but I will look again.

Sounds like an Evga 9800 GT issue, doesn't it?
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