Fx 4100 4.5 ghz super cool?

so i just overclocked my fx4100 cpu to 4.5 ghz with a stock fan and just on basic use on internet it stays around 30 celcious and gaming around 50 i have a mid tower case with 6 large fans on it is this normal
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    Yes, It seems to be.

    I got those kind of temps on my FX6100 on a stock heatsink.

    I got as high as 4.85Ghz using the stock heatsink but the temps where really high on heavy loaded benchmarks and a few times it had shut the machine down.

    Really high like much more than 70 degrees.

    I know that is pushing it and I have had them up there quite a few times trying to get a peak overclock.
    I think close to 90 without stopping the benchmark a few times.

    But I don't advise letting it get that high at all !!!
    AMD's max temp spec is 70 degrees and that is were I tried to keep it as a maximum.

    With a Corsair H100 cooler I can keep it between 63 to 69 degrees at 4.95 Ghz on very heavy loads and 25 to 28 (ambient temps) at idle.

    I have had the FX6100 to a little past 5Ghz but the high temps made it unstable with a heavy load.

    At these settings the CPU voltage is quite high as well ( 1.58v to 1.62v) and is the main cause for the high temps.
    Watch your NB voltage as well as just increasing this alone can cause your temps to skyrocket on a high overclock without touching the CPU settings.

    It takes a lot of patients and a lot of resetting and starting over due to lockups too find a happy medium running that high.
    Mine will run 4.95 all day but I backed it down to 4.85 to 4.88 for a little better reliability as this allowed me to lower the voltage a bit as well keeping it below 60 degrees.
    I don't do games on it but as I mostly use desktop business apps and video stuff, So the benchmarks are the hardest apps it will ever see for the most part.

    I think 4.75Ghz was about the best that I could do on the stock heatsink without worrying about killing the thing.


    jer :)
  2. thanks i was worried but i guess its fine
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  4. Glad to have helped !!!

    jer :)
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