600 Rosewill PSU Vcore

Can anybody help explain what vcore is?
I am afraid this 600 Rosewill PSU might fry my phenom 965 and Geforce 9800...
My vcore is .98v ... Is that too low should i be worried?

+3.3v 3.34v
+5v 5.02v
+12v 11.91v
My temps look great tho but computer kinda feels slow even with this build...
M.B 35C
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  1. Rated voltage values for Phenom II 965: 0.825-1.40V.

    You seem to be within this margin but you have plenty of headroom too. You could try loading optimised defaults from the BIOS see if that does anything.
  2. Vcore usually refers to the voltage supplied to a cpu's individual cores.

    A power supply's +12 volt rail supplies power to the cpu via a connection on the motherboard. A regulator on the motherboard controls the the voltage supplied to each cpu core. As you can see the voltage supplied to each core is considerably less than 12 volts. That is normal.
  3. A .98 volt value for your chip is very good. The chip should be a pretty good overclocker.
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