2 x hd 4850 or 2x hd4879 for this psu?

Hi all

I'm planning to build a new system and was wondering if I could do 2x4850 (512mb or 1gb) or 2x4870 (also 512mb or 1gb) crossfire on this PSU:

This PSU has only 2xPCI-e connectors and there's something I'm confused about: the hd 4850 512mb has only 1 connector right? Do these two - hd 4850 1gb and hd 4870 512mb - have 1 or 2 connectors? The 4870 1gb has 2 connectors so I can't run 2 of them on this PSU right?

This has been confusing me forever and I can't seem to find a clear answer searching on google and such. Any help would be much appreciated!

Parts list so far:

(On a 23" 1920x1080 monitor)

PS: DO you think I could get cheaper ddr3 ram or should I go with at least the one I listed?

Thank you!
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    u can use 2x4850 for sure...
    and u still can use 2x4870, with 4pin to 6pin molex cables... but that's not recommended... :)
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