E8500 on X48 Chipset , Should I upgrade in next 6 months

First of all, Hi to everyone, This is my first post here, Please be kind with me :)

I have the following specs:

CPU : E8500 @ 3.16 Ghz (stock)
Chipset : Intel X48c Platinum from MSI
RAM : XMS3 DDR3 @ 1600 Mhz 3GB / Dual channel working at 1333Mhz since intel XMP is unstable and puts board into boot loop.
GPU : EVGA GTX 260 core 216 FTW
Gaming Resolution : 1080p
Cooler : Hyper 212 Plus cooler

The Question is to upgrade or not. If yes whats the best combination to support next generation of games and Productivity suites.

My Main uses of PC are as follows.

- Gaming
- 3D rendering
- Occasional Movie encoding, once in a month
- Multimedia at 1080p
- Software Development

Why I want to upgrade:

For the following reasons I think I should move on

- Worst overclocking potential on this MSI X48 Board, Highly unstable. Cannot keep a constant voltage , Northbridge overheats. I have to run this system on stock due to this problem.
- Since I will no longer use DDR2, I bought this board in transition phase when DDR3 was out of reach.
- Crossfire board, But when fitting second card , One of the capacitor prevents the GPU from sitting fully into PCI-E Slot. So no advantage here.

- CPU at stock works great even beating major Quads in processor. But if I upgrade the socket will also change and will have to buy a new CPU.

What I want from you :

Suggestions, Recommendations, Thoughts, Help overclocking, Anything you people can offer. The Articles are mostly theories and I am practical person in terms of judging a PC performance. I have no problem with this system for now, But I am not feeling comfortable as the system is working on only half of its potential without overclocking.
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  1. Small question: What is your RAM config? How come you have 3Gb? Do you have 2x1Gb DIMMs + 2x512Mb DIMMS?!?!?

    Personally I would move to socket 1156 or 1366. Depending on the RAM you already have.

    So yeah - new CPU and mobo.

    The GTX260 is still a very nice card, so you would have to get like a 5850 or a 5870 or a 5790 to see real improvements. Or wait a couple of weeks and buy a GTX470 or a GTX480.....


    Buy a new mobo. Hopefully then you could overclock your processor and have room for another GPU.......
  2. The RAMs are actually a Triple channel Kit @ 1600 Mhz. No interleave mode at this time. But I kept these RAMs in case I get to i7 platform supporting Triple Channel. Hell of a bandwidth improvement.

    I am quite happy with GPU for now.

    I personally think my CPU is getting out dated. I may get good price when selling this one now as after 2 more months it will get at even lower value.

    Currently a friend of mine is willing to sale his Core i7 920 and Asus P6T (Simple) at a very attractive price. What do you think , Should I get to 1366 , whats the future of this socket.
  3. Sell the E8500 & MSI motherboard if you can. DDR3 was never really intended for LGA 775.

    Unless you have another LGA 775 motherboard & DDR2 RAM lying around, i think it may be wise to go for the i7 920 and utilize the triple channel kit you have...
  4. why would you have the triple channel kit working in conjunction with a core2 series proc...that is one reason for unstable overclocks. Would u need help with the overclock on your system? Since i heard your mobo is a good overclocker along with its bundled software.

    With that said - since you have a triple channel kit - migrating to an i7 is the better choice. Ati's 5850, 5870 or 5970 can be your GPU upgrade.
  5. The Reason I have these RAMs is that I got them under $40. Couldn't miss the deal :)

    Well I am thinking of migrating. But confused on 2 sockets . Intel is itself confused too so its not our mistake :).

    How about AMD platform. Never used one before. I want to try a different taste now. Its been long since I am attached to Nvidia and intel. Seem like both companies are confused about price vs performance.
  6. Phenom II x4s are great processors, If you are looking to go quad and not spend a whole lot of money. The Phenom IIs can easily keep up with an I5 system when overclocked a little. Also if you get a black edition with the unlocked multiplier overclocking is a cinch. Depending on how much you want to spend will help make your decision. You can probably sell your E8500 and motherboard for a decent amount I am willing to say you can get at least $130 to $160 if not more for it.
  7. The OP can just get a 775-quad. Most of them equal PhenomIIs and the higher end ones almost equal the i7 quads. That should last him until the next socket cycle.
  8. @NajamQ - so you want an overclock?
  9. Alright guys, I have decided to let go of the current generations of Intel. At least until Applications start slapping my face wanting a quad. I have no problem with gaming.


    Yes overclocking is an option for me at the moment. But first I have some questions.

    1) Please explain the reference and pull voltages for FSB and CPU. Also I will soon update the thread with all of the options available in the BIOS regarding overclocking.

    2) E8500 is a 65W processor. I am using a 500W PSU. When overclocked the CPU will pull more watts. Is it wise to overclock on this PSU.

    3) The cooling solution for this processor. Its C0 Stepping. I am currently using an Asus SS, Which is pretty much very old but effective.

    4) what thermal paste you recommend and how to properly apply it ( Total noob in this regard :) ).

    PS: Its very odd to use forum with profile and avatar. Will soon update those. Without them I feel Alien here.
  10. 1. Basically, leave those alone until you know what you are doing.

    2. You will not pull significantly more power when you overclock your CPU. When I OC'd my Q6600, I went from 8 amps at 2.4 GHz to 9.5 amp at 3.6 GHz.

    3. If it will fit, the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus

    4. Any good thermal paste will work. I use mostly Arctic Silver AS5. Suggestions for applying thermal compound:

    To learn how to overclock, this should be your first stop.
    HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1

    Next stop should be a guide for your particular motherboard. Google is your friend.
  11. Best answer
    About the thermal paste - i prefer Arctic Cooler MX 2 , The Cooler master hyper 212+ is THE best choice you have now (price and performance wise)

    I googled your board and about its overclocking. I read in a review that they used increments of 5 FSB until they hit a stable patch - but as all overclockings go they are a trial and error basis. BIOS updates, voltage tweaks and CL timings . The links jsc gave are great info!

    If you want to narrow down your search - you can try looking into - + - and go through their search engines - most probably you'll come across a thread that deals you a sweet spot with overclocking on your board - i found a thread for my rampage extreme x48.

    although your cpu isnt the same as this you can still have a read see -

    and check this thread out as well -

    Note: make sure you have a thermal solution for the northbridge as it too will heat up, so look into a NB cooler while your at it with the CPU cooler.

    Good Luck and Good Reading! :hello:
  12. Thanks Lutfij for your valuable time.

    I will spend some time reading the theories and building up my knowledge base. I am keeping a notebook for quick reference when offline.

    To my Luck I already have a Hyper 212 Plus under my bed, which I don't know why I bought and why I forgot its there :). Well I am funny with my life.

    I just checked the cooler, The problem is its H.D.T. I have ordered new thermal paste which will be here soon. I have no experience with H.D.T coolers. Last time I check one. I was getting sky rocketing temps. May be I need to see some guides first.

    I will look for a northbridge cooler in local computer market if I can find any. The default copper pipe installed on my board is I think enough already.

    I have a CM690 Casing (Vanilla), I bought too more 120mm Fans. Please guide me for creating a perfect overflow.

    PS: Even though I found the cooler under my bed :). I will only attempt to install it when new thermal solution arrives. Will start overclocking when enough margin is available in temps. My Target is to keep my CPU below 60 ( At 80 to 90% Load , Prime 95 and OCCT are synthetic , All processors have different properties while executing same bits. So benchmarking is more like guessing game IMHO ) while maintaining Maximum clock.
  13. the link jsc gave you regarding thermal paste'll see it takes you to the exact H.D.T page of the application methods, so no sweat!

    But if your still a little lost :) then you'll notice 2 notches cut into the HDT aluminium base - spread the thermal paste within these 2 lines (but dont apply too much - again follow the guided link) and that should be enough to spread the thermal paste around the CPU.

    For almost all boards, you need to do a small mod to accommodate the cooling in mobos that have what seems to be propriatory NB cooling - but thats upto you - you could just have a small fan blowing towards the NB copper tree like heatsink.

    Regarding the case airflow -heres what you do:

    have 1 exhaust behind the mobo tray
    have 2 exhaust on the top
    have the rear fan set to exhaust (by default it is)
    if your going to use fans in the bottom - set them to intake
    and the 2 on the left sidepanel - set them to intake

    Read this too - case airflow guide

    taking some time to do cable management can help shave a few degrees - if you have a clear window case then its an added bonus for the neat innards :P
  14. Best answer selected by NajamQ.
  15. and thank you for the vote!!! :)

    let me know of how your overclock comes along? :sol:
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