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I want to overclock my CPU to 3.0GHz from 2.70GHz so can you help me out? Actually I'm new to this thing so I want to know exact values that I have to change...(I am using the stock cooler but I want to overclock because if it will not get stable I can always revert later)

P.S.: I'm using a DDR3 1333MHz ram but as my CPU bus is 800MHz it's also run in 800MHz so does overclocking help with that? If so I want my ram to work in 1066MHz" class="img lazy">" class="img lazy">" class="img lazy">

My mobo manual>
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  1. Check out the basic guide here on the forum. It will be good enough to get you started and will answer your basic questions.
  2. Ok I just did a little overclock and it's stable for now...I increased FSB to 222 from 200 and now my clock rate is 3.01GHz...RAM bus also increased to 888MHz from previous 800...Temps are 45'C at idle and 73'C on 100% load...when gaming it'll rise between 52c to 68c...I know they are kinda high but nothing to do because here in Sri lanka we got warm weather like 28'C to 32'C at normal conditions...So I'm afraid to go for 1066 bus and 3.60 clock rate...Is it ok to run my 1333 RAM in 888MHz? you know it has been working on 800 previously...
    And I'm willing to increase the FSB into something like 250 soon (while monitoring temps)
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    You should get an aftermarket cooler like the Hyper 212 before overclocking further. Then keep overclocking slowly until you reach the desired speed or until it becomes impossible to keep going
  4. Ok but for now I cannot afford for a cooler or anything so I just stopped overclocking after reaching 3.12GHz and 932bus speed...Temps are same...when I play hi def videos it will rise between 52c to 61c...And I ran Aida64 stability test and after 5mins of stress test cpu core temps rise to 73'c like previously did.
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