I have formatted my c drive and i want data present in the other drives back in

I had a problem with my hard disk . I took my hard disk and connected it to the other computer as the secondary hard disk along with that computers hard disk. Firstly my hard disk booted properly and chkdsk was done and opened the 4 partitions in my hard drive . So as my hard drive is not booting in my computer i just formatted manually the C: Drive which contains the Operating system files. Now my hard disk doesnt contain OS files at all . C:\ drive is fully empty now but i had data in the other drives. I detached my hard drive from the comp n connnected it to my comp. But here i m able to prepare a set up OS. Now i want data present in my hard disk(3 drives).
I m sure how to recover it. IS it possible to recover the data. If yes , please help with the answers.
U can send me the mail to bablu08041987@gmail.com

Thank you in advance.
Quick response is appreciate
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  1. It sounds like you used logical and not primary partitions. Most recommend no more than 3 partitions on a single HDD, and to make each a primary partition. The fist partition, for the OS should be set to active.

    For recovering your partitions:

    -- Do not do anything with the existing hDD until you are ready to recover. Install it as you did before as a secondary HDD to another computer.

    -- Easeus makes a recovery program that is free for home use here. You will have to install it on the other computer and run it on the affected HDD.

    -- TestDisk is another free program that is a little more diffcult to use (read the wiki), but it works well.

    I have successfully used both, just pay attention to the guide for TestDisk.
  2. Thank you very much. I ll try this.
  3. If you can see the data on the other PC in your drive, copy it out then.

    I don't recommend re-using a drive that develops errors, get a new one. Use this one as a backup drive if you like, but even that is risky.
  4. I am not able to see the data in the other drives Bcz the OS partition has itself deleted by ignorance.
  5. Ah so you wiped the whole disk instead of just the single partition. Use the programs above to try to recover your files then. From your post it sounded like you just formatted the C: partition but left the others alone.
  6. i have deleted only the C:\drive and not the other drivers.
    I have recovered the data by experts .
    Thanks all for all your help.
    I could have tried the Easeus and TestDisk but i dont want to take the risk.
    SO i headed to the expert to recover the data.
  7. I'm glad you got your data back.
  8. Thank you very much.
  9. I have got my data back . I took help of experts to recover the data. I think the Easeus would help us. But i didnt try that.
    THank you all for ur help.
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