Panasonic Debuts 152" Plasma TV

So not only does the TV support 3D output, it has a native resolution of 4,096 x 2,160. Finally, a single display to challenge the highest-end GPUs! PR is here.

On a related note, if you had all the money in the world, how big would your LCD TV be?
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  1. wow... it's sure very big...
    if i had all the money, i want to use that to buy a whole new system, it's useless if i had the biggest LCD TV, u can imagine how far away that i must sit to watched it... :D
  2. Sorry wa1, forgot to include another limit: and you couldn't change where you lived now. Meaning, if you were only limited by your living space—and not money—how large would your HDTV be? :)
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    well, since my room only 4x3, then i think i wouldn't want a HDTV bigger than 30"... :)
    It's already big enough. :D
  4. Haha ok... I'll think I'll "settle" for a 42" for my slightly bigger room... wouldn't be doing anything else inside my room anyway :P
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