Sony optiarc ad-7240s not reading discs

Hello, my dvd rom is not reading disc the green light comes on and doesn't register there is one in there, my computer is only 4 months old and running windows 7
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  1. has it been working all this while and are you sure the disc you inserted is supported by the drive ? have you ever taken your computer apart ?
  2. yes it has been working all the time until i recently tried to put a second hard drive in from my previous computer but that hard drive was a bit buggered and i did take it apart, the discs i'm using are the discs that came with my computer drivers and utility disc and games i already have on the computer that i need to run the games
  3. you cannot get disc to work? does the drive show up in your BIOS or in my computer/device manager?
  4. no can't get it to work, the drive does show up in bios and in my computer and when i click on the drive in my computer it just open the door and ask please insert disc
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