GTX 280 and 8800GT In same PC

Can i install both card in same Pc
If Is A yes how do i doit?
i have 1 PCI Express x16
And 1 pci free
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  1. wolfmetal79 said:
    Can i install both card in same Pc
    If Is A yes how do i doit?
    i have 1 PCI Express x16
    And 1 pci free

    If you are saying SLI which means you can run two GPUs at the same time, no you cant. The two gpus have to be the same //example you have a GTX280 and another GTX280 then you could be able to install it on the other pcie slot. You would also need a SLI bridge which should have come with your graphics card(it looks like a umm...a bridge) then you just connect both and there you go, you have 2x better performance. But as said you have to have 2 graphics card of the same series. And i noticed that you said u had a free pci slot, do you mean a pci or a pcie slot? Cuz that makes a hell of a difference. pcie are usually done for graphics card and a pci are done for other things. Hope this helped!

    Erik Jansson
  2. Do both cards fit?
    As you only have one PCIe 16x slot I would say the answer is no.
  3. SLI requires two identical cards to be paired for the config to work. So you wont be able to do what you want to.
    Crossfire on the other hand can be used to pair two different cards (but that's for ATI)!
  4. no the plan is to use the 8800GT for 2 extra monitors
    or ill be on newegg for other gtx 280
  5. If both cards fit, everything will work fine.
    Just crack the case and see :D
  6. i hope it works gaming is expensive..but hey
    they pay when im online..
  7. Just a note since you say you are gaming ... You will not be able to span the screen across all monitors to play a game the setup you have will allow you to run other stuff on the other two and a game on 1. The only video card supprting the span of 2 to 6 monitors for one game is the ATI 5700 through the 5800 series. Hope that helps have fun.

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