ROSE KVM, USB to PS2 converter. random right clicks

hi, i have a ROSE 8 PC KVM and my computer only have PS2 for the keyboard and not for the mouse.

I connected the keyboard to the KVM and the mouse i connected using a USB to PS2 adapter (you can connect the keyboard and the mouse to this adapter but I connected only the mouse to it). The keyboard works fine, but the mouse is giving me an attitude manifested with a bunch of randomly uninitiated right clicks (if I'm just dragging the mouse across the screen, with no clicking at all, I get about a dozen right clicks).

This behavior has been confirmed on two different computers. The adapter works fine with a ps2 mouse connected directly to it, and the KVM work correctly when connected to a regular ps2 (with no adapter).

Does a usb to ps2 "do" anything to the signal, by that i mean, is there any translation taking place, or is it just changing the connector type? Should a KVM work with an adapter like this, if not what other solution are offered to a situation like this? Will a different adapter work?
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  1. Are you using a quality adaptor? I have a similar setup where I use a quality adaptor and it works fine.
  2. I use this adapter, cost me 4$, abit overpriced if you ask me.
  3. The first one that I used was similar to that, but I had to return it and get a better cable.
  4. can you show me what adapter are you using? do you think the fault lies with my adapter? I would hate to buy a different one just to discover the same scenario.

    why did you had to get a better cable, did you also experienced problems?
  5. Mine didn't work at all with a KVM, but it worked fine with a PC. I now use a Tripp Lite (B015-000) PS/2 Cable. I bought it because it was the only one that had excellent reviews when connected to a KVM. It was more expensive than the other adaptor, but it was worth it to me. Since I haven't tried it with your KVM, I definitely can't say that it will resolve your issue.
  6. I had a BREAKTHORUGH!!! :bounce: I did abit of reserarch online and found my KVM Manual My KVM can recieved commands. One command "Mouse Type" solved the problem.

    From the manual:

    "Mouse type
    To issue the “Mouse type” command press and release the left <Ctrl> key,
    type “Q”, enter mouse type (0,1,2), and press <Enter>.
    Mouse type 0 = PS/2 mouse
    Mouse type 1 = Serial mouse
    Mouse type 2 = Wheel mouse"

    So i changed my mouse from type 2 to 1, and it solved the problem. But ,as fate will have it, my mouse wheel don't work no more (you fix one thing only to break another) :fou: .
    Att least the mouse is useable now and we manged to narrowed down the problem. changing to type 1 resulted in a frozen mouse.

    I tried a few other commands to no avail, though i have yet to read the manual thouroughly. My best bet now, as I see it, is to check if i can do a firmware update. I'll keep you posted if i'll find a solution. BTW I tend to blame now the KVM more then the adapter.

    On a diffrent note, I'm having another problem regarding the kvm that's bugging me. I have a 22in LCD connected to the KVM with native resolution of 1680x1050. When connected thourgh the KVM, the two highest resolution windows 7 is giving me are 1600X1200 and 1400X900. The kvm should support my native resolution as per this data sheet - "High resolution - up to 1920 x 1440" .

    I think the problem lays with the screen not beeing able to tell the OS it's native resolution through the KVM, is there a way to force the resolution manually?

    I have HD4850 graphics card but I don't have ATI Catalyst installed (and i would prefered it to stay that way, if possiable).
  7. You have to set the resolution on the PC and usually the video card drivers are required. I don't think that you need Catalyst installed. ATI give you the option to download only the drivers or everything. On servers, I only download the drivers.
  8. I don't think you understand. Of course I have the drivers installed properly, the problem is that windows 7 dosn't let me choose the correct resolution to my screen, 1680x1050 is missing!! I can choose to use a lower resolution but it's a problem for me becouse i have two other screens and thier resolution is set to 1680x1050, which is the native resolution.

    I mentiond catalyst only becouse i figured that maybe there is a setting there to force the resolution manually.
  9. You are correct; I didn't understand. Have you tried connecting the display directly to the PC to set up the resolution? Then you could move it back to the KVM.
  10. that is a very strange suggestion!?? :o

    When the screen is connected directly to the computer everything is fine and windows set the correct resolution automatically, but if i'll unplug it from the PC and connect it back to the KVM, I'll be, OBVIOUSLY, back in square one. The computer will not "remember" the resolution it use when the same monitor was connected to him directly.
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