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So I read this here thing:,1640.html

How does that compare to today's situation?
You see, I recently got a new PC and I want to transfer my existing RAID0 from the old to the new PC.
Problem is, I know successful RAID migration is a tricky maneuver to pull of.

Right now the raid serves as boot for my old PC. On the new one an SSD does that job. According to the device managers on both PC's the controllers are one and the same: JMicron JMB36X.
I want to keep the data of the RAID array. However I have been advised that even so much as plugging the drives to the new system could corrupt the data, so I haven't even tried.

The trouble for me is that I don't have a fail-safe to fall back to should something go wrong. I have no money to buy more storage(went a bit over budget on the new PC) and apparently none of my friends and colleagues have something of sufficient capacity( 1.5TB ) to lend me for a day or to as a backup solution.

If anyone has had any experiences in a similar situation or any useful advice, please share.
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  1. how much data? DVD?
  2. Oh, yea... 1.5TB, so not in this or any life!
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