Who's the best Price/Performer out of these???

hi...Happy New Year to all of u. :)..fortunately or unfortunately im back...but nw im couple of days away from the plz help for the last time..
plz if u all could look at the info below...
1. Sapphire HD 4850 512MB DDR-III [HDMI] for Rs 6720
Interface : PCI Express
Memory and Memory Type : 512MB, DDR3
Clocks : Memory Clock @ 993MHz, Core Clock @ 625MHz
External Interface : 1 DVI + 15 Pin VGA + 1 HDMI

2. Sapphire HD 4850 1GB DDR-III [HDMI] for Rs 7585
Interface : PCI Express
Memory and Memory Type : 1GB,DDR-III
Clocks : Core Clock @ 625MHz, Memory Clock @ 993MHz
External Interface : 1 DVI + 15 Pin VGA+ 1 HDMI

3. Sapphire HD 4770 512MB GDDR5 With Arctic Cooling Fan for Rs 7245
Interface : PCI Express
Memory And Memory Type : 512MB,GDDR5
Clocks : Core Clock : 750 MHz,Memory Clock : 800 MHz
External Interface :1 DVI + 1 TVout + 1 HDMI

4. Asus HD4770 512MB DDR5 for Rs. 6825
Interface : PCI Express
Memory And Memory type : 512Mb DDR5
Clocks : Core CLock @ 750MHz, Memory clock @ 800MHz
External Interface : 2DVI + 1TVout
Memory Interface : 128Bit
Warranty : 2 Years

5. Asus HD 4670 1GB DDR-III [HDMI] for Rs. 5308
- Whopping 1G DDR3 Memory
- Native HDMI Port
- Solid Polymer Aluminum Capacitors greatly extends lifespan
- EMI Shield to reduce EMI interference

Interface : PCI Express
Memory And Memory Type : 1 GB DDR-III
Clocks : Engine Clock @ 750 MHz, Memory Clock @ 1.6 GHz
External interface : 1 DVI + 1 HDMI
Warranty : 3 Years

6. Sapphire HD 4670 512MB DDR-III [HDMI] for Rs. 4463
Interface : PCI Express
Memory And Memory Type : 512MB DDR-III
Clocks : Core Clock @ 750Mhz, Memory Clock @ 873MHz
External Interface : 1 DVI + 1 15 Pin VGA + 1 HDMI
Warranty : 3 Years

7. Sapphire HD 4670 1GB DDR-III for Rs. 4725
Interface : PCI Express
Memory And Memory Type : 1 GB DDR-III
Clocks : Core Clock @ 750Mhz, Memory Clock @ 873Mhz
External Interface : 2 DVI + 1 TVout
Warranty : 3 Years

above are the 7even [:)] cards from which il hopefully buy one this coming weekend. so , plz vote for the best price/performance card. make easy for u all u can exclude the one with a tag of Rs 7585.i guess , i cant go that for as situations(financially) have changed.
and the above price/feature details are from
below are my system details..
CPU ->> 4000+ AMD dual core
Motherboard->> Gigabyte S2 series with nvidia 6100
Monitor->> Samsung 15" inch (min resolution 800 x 600,max resolution 1152 x 768, both at 32 bit)
RAM->> 2GB DDRII 667 MHz(1GB each stick)
PSU->>400w (one that comes with the cabinet) :)

hmm..yeah thats all....sry if im missing something...plz help me buy a better card as of now i dont want dx11 card like HD 5750 cz i had seen its reviews for dirt 2 and DX 9 screenshots looks almost similar to DX11. just that 1 setting 'POST Processing' cant be set to high in DX 9 or DX 10 cards. consider games like crysis/crysis warhead/avatar/stalker/COP ..hmmm n my system's PSU tooo :)
ugh...i guess this is getting wayyy tooooo now il leave it to u guys/gals..thanks :)
Happy New Year once again.
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  1. i would go for the 4850 512 or 1gb depending on your budget ofc....

    but before you buy it make sure your psu can supply enough power, 400watt sounds a bit low to me.

    hope this helped.

    (happy new year btw)
  2. Zhemin,
    thanks fr the reply,though i hv said tht i dont want a DX11 card fr nw. DX11 cards when more cards from ATI come out and fermi from nvidia gets released. so plz choose any one from these considering the temperatures & costs ofcourse.. 400 watt psu is enough for a HD 4770 or HD 4670 or even HD 5750. so plz help me choose a better starter card.
  3. ATI themselves actually recommend a 450watt or greater PSU for the hd 4850
  4. Best answer
    PSUs that come with a case, other than Antec Earthwatts, tend to be the worst sort of overrated garbage. As such, the only cards I could be confident you might run safely without a PSU upgrade are the HD4670s, maybe a HD4770 IF your PSU includes a PCIE power connector; I wouldn't use an adapter because your PSU probably wouldn't have enough amps on its +12V rail anyway.
    Otherwise, another perspective to consider is, pick the cheapest one that will meet your needs. Given the relatively low resolution of your monitor, unless you are also planning to replace that, I believe you would be quite content with the performance of a HD4670. The cheapest one, #6, would be fine, as the greater memory of #5 and #7 isn't needed for your resolution.
  5. thanks a lot jtt283 :)
  6. You're welcome. Happy fragging.
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