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I connect a D-Link DP301+ mini print server on parallel port of Epson DFX9000 printer . l had no trouble when sending print jobs from windows based application from all my terminals (XP Pro) . But when send print jobs frpm DOS based application I got error 66 (The network resource type is not correct).This is a batch file that I use from all the terminals:
@echo off
net use lpt1: \\\PS-1 /PERSISTENT:YES

The above IP is assigned manualy to DP301+ print server .
I appriciate if anybody can solve this for me.
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  1. hello;
    Finally I solved the problem by this:
    1- reset the mini print server dp301 to factory setting
    2- disconnect lpt1 port (if any);
    3- change the server name and share name in my net use command
    3 - Net use lpt1: \\\ps-23c644-p1 /P:yes
    my God
    command completed successfuly .

    may be this will helpfull for someone else
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