A Bedget Mobo for gaming

I have a
1. ASUS P5SMXSE mobo
2. Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz Processor
3. EVGA 9800GT 1GB 256bit DDR3
4. Standerd 350 Watt PSU

i have problem in gaming. Without the graphics card i had to lower the graphics to play NFS Most wanted. Even with the grafix card, I can't play games like crysis and COD modern warfare 2 without lowering the grafix. Honestly, i have seen people playing these games a lot smoothly at Pentiem 4 PCs with 9400GT cards. I also checked on the net that ASUS P5SMXSE mobo is not good for gaming at newegg.com. PLEASE TELL ME! why can't i play these games at max settings. also i am looking for a good cheap gaming mobo.
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  1. I would get a better power supply first. Look for a corsair or antec with at least 30 amps on a single 12v rail. Some go for $30 after rebate at newegg. If you have an oem system by hp or dell, be aware that changing motherboards may require you to purchase another operating system.
  2. Your whole system isn't very good for either of those games. You'll have to drop the graphics for both. Replacing the PS isn't going to do anything. Whoever said they played those on a P4 with a 9400gt and played it well is lying. The best part of your system is the graphics card. That doesn't say much. Sorry. If you want to play modern games the way YOU want you'll have to upgrade everything.
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