I want to swap my HD 5850 for a GTX 285 or GTX 295

Hi all. I don’t know if anyone knows of a website that deals in swapping? I have a HD 5850 that’s literally just a few weeks old. The card is an OEM card that came with no frills, no drivers, game or leads of any kind, but runs superbly. The problem is that I am really an Nvidia boy and my MOBO is Nvidia SLI. I was talked into buying this card as it was the nuts. I am not disappointed with the card at all it’s just the limitations that it has given me. Unless I change my MOBO setup I can’t SLI, if need be. Yes I know I should have thought about that before, hindsight is a great thing. So anyway I am looking to switch back to Nvidia. The card that is its closest competitor is the GTX 285 but if anyone has a 295 then that would be ok too ;) . Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks
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  1. why not just sell your current motherboard and buy a crossfire board. I don't think anyone would sawp a 5850 for a 295, and to downgrade to a 285 is (IMO) silly.

    I take it your using a LGA 775 or AMD setup, You could consider saving up for awhile and going for a x58 (1366) rig, I believe x58 boards are SLi and Crossfire compatible.
  2. Thanks, I had not thought of the X58 board. To have Xfire and SLI as a choice could well be the way to go. Yes I am running a LGA 775 setup, its a Striker II Formula with an E8600 CPU clocked to 3.8 GHZ so selling that and moving up may be an alternative.
  3. Just one thought..........is it possible to run Xfire on an SLI MOBO?
  4. Yeah should be worth doing if you really want multi GPU setup. The HD5850 has plenty of power for any games at the moment so my advice would be to save up £300 and then sell your current motherboard, CPU and RAM (even if you have DDR3 RAM already, because you'll want Triple channel ) Which should get you the extra £200 you need, giving you £500 which is plenty for a good i7 920 setup.
  5. gonesy said:
    Just one thought..........is it possible to run Xfire on an SLI MOBO?

    No, im pretty sure its not.
  6. thanks for the advice!
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