NAS UFS vs EXT2/3 for streaming?

With help of this forum members (thx p55ibexpeak & Shadow703793) ......
I recently built a NAS box using freenas OS with 4x1.5tb. No RAID. I will be primarily using the NAS to store 720p, 1080p mkv videos, Home made videos canon HF200, and Pics. NAS box will be connected to Wireless router "D-Link Xtreme N Dual Band DIR-825". I will be accessing these content via wireless "D-Link Xtreme 4-port Gigabit wireless bridgr/accesspoint DAP-1522" connected to my Popcorn Hour A110's.

My question is
1) which File format: native UFS vs ext2/3
2) which one is better: SMB vs NFS

I really appreciate all your input.

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  1. 1) Does the native UFS have journaling? If yes, then you're probably fine with UFS. If no, I'd suggest ext3.
    2) Do you need to connect to multiple operating systems? If yes, then Samba is probably going to be easier to deal with. If you're just connecting to 1 other box, NFS might prove simpler in the short term. In general, I'd recommend making the effort to go with Samba, unless your other computers also run Linux (seems unlikely based on your questions).
  2. FreeNAS recommends UFS. Ext2 has been obsolete for years.

    NFS is about 3-times faster than SMB but only works (easily) with unix-type operating systems. I don't know whether that includes Popcorn Hour or not, but I doubt it. So that leaves SMB.
  3. Thank you all for the input.

    All Popcornhour products are based on Linux...

    I am debating between sticking with native UFS or Popcornhour recommended Ext2/3. Also, no success with setting up SMB shares yet. However, I was able to setup shares under NFS.hank
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