Do i need intel RST with M4?

Getting rdi of unnecessary programs on my comp and wondering if i need the intel rapid storage technology program under intel control center? thanks.

Runing win 7 with a Crucial M4 fw 0009.
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  1. It works with your chipset!
  2. ok so its essential then? what exactly is it for?
  3. ok i have 2 raptors in Raid 0 on my marvell jmicron 363 ports not the intel, so i dont need it then right?
  4. doesnt even show my raid 0 setup when opened since its on the marvell controller
  5. No it is for the native controller on the chipset. If you have a storage drive there in ACHI then you possible still need it.
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    The RST driver supports your SSD as long as it is on the Intel Sata port. The best performance using the M4 is on a Intel sata III port set to either Raid or ahci. Should be using RST ver 10.5 or later. Note if Bios is set to raid (vs ahci) and as long as the SSD is not a member drive of a Raid array, Trim will still be passed. If no raid0/1 setups are attached to the intel controller, it is best to use ahci (in BIOS) and Intel's RST driver.

    If you download and run AS SSD (Don;t need to run benchmark), look in upper left and driver should be iaSTor. This driver performs better than the default uSoft msahci driver. So NO you do NOT want to remove it.
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