Need a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB USB Enclosurer for 2.5 1TB SATA drive?

I am in need of information on where I can buy a used or new Hard Drive Enclosure for a Seagate Sata 1Tb 2.5"/12mm Hardive Enclosure USB 3.0 preferred. I bought a used Hard drive that was a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB 2.5"/12mm USB Hard Drive, the case got broken and damaged but the drive is still in excellent working condition. Can anyone help with any info without me having to go too Seagate Corporation to purchase an FreeAgent GoFlex enclosure
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  1. You should be able to mount the drive in any enclosure that accepts its interface.
  2. I already Know that any 2.5" enclosure will work, But I am a Seagate dedicated Customer. The Hard Drive I have came out of the Goflex Enclosure and that is what I wish to find information on, to purchase another Seagate Freeagent Goflex 2.5" USB 2.0/3.0 Enclosure so it matches what it orginally was from the beginning.
    I have already looked everywhere possible to try and find a Seagate Freeagent Goflex Enclosure and have even contacted Seagate Corporation and they do not sell just the Enclosure!!!!! I am in need of information on where I can purchase the original Enclosure it is more of a preference than anything else.
  3. If you are lucky you can find one on the used market like ebay! If Seagate is not selling them you certainly will not find it in retail!
  4. Not to be rude rolli59, but my original message was does anyone know where I can buy one at not any hard drive enclosure will do, or might be able to search. I have been searching amongst searching and no luck if you do not have info on the original message on Does anyone have any info on where I can buy a Seagate Freeagent Goflex 2.5' 12mm thickness Enclosure then please do not reply any futher. for the info you are given me I have already exhausted before posting my add here.
    Thank You,
    Alan Rainwater
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