Display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered windows 7

how do i fix this prblem?
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  1. it usually happens from overclocking the GPU or video card RAM to much. Have you done either of this to the card?
  2. EVEN WORST !!! i just bought a brand new computer for me and a brand new computer for my wife... both are the same and brand new with brand new versions of windows7 64 bit...system has follows:
    smilidon case
    rosewill 850W
    Patriot ddr3 memory (8gb)
    WD 500gig HD
    MSI P55-GD55 mobo
    ATI 5850 HIS

    Her's is working flawlessly and mine is getting the same message has you all are : Display driver stopped responding and has recovered !!!
    Lost about 10 hours on the phone with microsoft and ATI try lots of things ! from changing drivers to putting less ram to changing the number and or size of monitors to switching cables to even switching part by part from one computer to another (remember that i have 2 computers that are the same and brand new)...after all the swapping arround her computer is still working perfectly and my is still getting the message in or out of game while or not browsing !!!
    To make matter worst this ain't i repeat ain't just a ATI issue !!! my friend has GTX280 and has the same thing !
    Both Microsoft and ATI refuse to take responsibily for anything and are both saying it might be hardware but they don't know what !!! but since i got 2 pieces of everything they are just lost and don't have an answer !!! i'll keep calling until i get a good answer that we can all use !!! not some sort of ghost solution !!! i am so piss right now !!!

    I love logic but can't find any here !!! i'll redo a fresh install on windows 7 (also brand new out of the box) see if the ghost issues goes away...if anyone has a solution beside RMA the entire thing and reordering please email me at BEAUCHEE@hotmail.com TY !! and good luck !
  3. festerovic said:
    it usually happens from overclocking the GPU or video card RAM to much. Have you done either of this to the card?

    Hi festerovic

    I have yes overclocked both my CPU & GPU but only by using its standard software and OC was just down to a minimum, like the turbo setting for my CPU and the 3D game setting on my GPU.

    I have the same problem here, my gpu is the Asus ENGTX 295, and also when im in windows or browsing the net this familiar messege poops up "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered".
    Now let me just say this also, now this occurs more often then ever when im using photoshop software. It will crash two or three times sometimes even more depending how much i actually have going on in photoshop. To this happening i honestly i thought it had something to do with the memory Ram, but i got 6GB!

    Yet i had been thinking of a complete re-install of my O/S, im currently operating Vista 64bit, have been for just over one year now and to be honest i dont like it so therefore im heading back in time to good old XP 32bit ;)

    I hope this works anyway, and if it does il re-post and update on the situation!!

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