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I've been working/building computers for friends and family and a few outsiders for years, years ago I had a Intel P4 SKT478 that was bad, it ran but caused all sorts of issues, and it was slower than a P2, lately I got a AMD X2 215 SKT X3 for my wifes computer and it was bad, that's 2 CPU's in 20 years, I was wondering how many bad Intel, or AMD chips have you seen in your life
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  1. Never have i had a CPU fail on me. I have seen one motherboard and one Graphics card die in my lifetime, and the motherboard died due to a bent pin and the video card that dies was an ATI x1300 that died due to experimental extreme overclocking :)
  2. My current Pentium 4 Prescott is a poor processor, but I've never had a bad one.

    Bent a pin on a Pentium 4 once but it stayed 90% stable after a rebuild.
  3. Ive been threw hundreds of processors Everything from Intel 80286, 386s,486s, Pentiums well you get the picture and i have never seen a bad one yet its always a motherboard or a graphics card that is faulty.
  4. I didn't say it failed, I said bad out of the box, needless to say I don't overclock, but my equipment runs 24 hours a day for days at a time, sometimes a week at a time
    well, this X3 215 BSOD's, CTD, on a regular basis, don't believe me then give me 50.00 USD and you can see for yourself, BTW I replaced the CPU w/X2 5000+ and it hasn't given me a moments problem since

    and I am using a GigaByte GA-MA770-US3 which runs AM, AM2, and AM3, CPU's, on DDR2 memory, actually I have 3 of these motherboards, which speaks for itself
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