CPU overclocking

Hi, I have a :

Intel i7 3930K CPU 3.2 GHZ OC to 4.2 GHZ @ 1.300 volt
ASUS Sabertooth Motherboard X79
12 GB of vengeance ram
1000 W modular power supply
GTX 570 whirlwind video card
Onboard sound

my issue is that whenever the CPU is under stress like playing Max Payne 3, the CPU reverts back to 3.8 GHZ. On the cover of the CPU packaging it said that with X79 chipset, the CPU will turbo charge to 3.8 GHZ. How do I disable that feature?
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  1. turn speedstep off, what are your temps btw?
  2. Thx for the reply, Speedstep is off from the bios so that can`t be it. I tried to disable turbo mode but that reverted back to 3.2 GHZ and it won`t allow me to increase the CPU core multiplier. so I enable the Turbo function back on and I can increase the multiplier back to 4.2 GHZ. and thoughtsÉ
  3. my Temp is stable as I have the H100 water cooling. CPU temp 30-33 C when idel
    40 C when under load Vcore temp maxing out at 61 C underload
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CPUs Overclocking