In core 2 duo nd core i3 which one is better?

which processor is better in core 2 duo nd core i3?
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  1. Clock-for-clock, the Core i3 is better, meaning if you have any Core 2 Duo CPU that is clocked @ 3.0GHz, a Core i3 clocked @ 3.0GHz would be better, it may not be that much better, but better none the less. It all depends on the Core 2 Duo and the Core i3. Give us some examples please.
  2. Well it will depend on what core 2 duo cpu and core i3 cpu you looking into and what you would be doing, Although overall, Core i3 will be better. Certainly if you looking into multi threaded performance with a dual core.
  3. It also depends on your budget. If you already have an LGA 775 board and all you want to do is upgrade the CPU then the C2D is better, now if you have the money to upgrade the mobo/CPU/RAM then an i3 would be better.
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