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Mobo settings reset to auto; mystery?

Last response: in Overclocking
August 17, 2012 8:01:09 PM

I just noticed that my memory and cpu settings reset back to auto.

The cpu is undervolted and slightly overclocked, while the memory is underclocked slightly. Pretty modest OC.

It's been stable but I haven't run any long prime95 tests due to the season and my lack of AC.

Could the bios have reset itself due to updates? I may have even flashed the bios since the last time that I payed attention to it. That may explain it.

But I am a little bit wondering is there a mystery. Any ideas?

Phenom II 965BE 3.6 GHz @1.35v | Hyper 212+
4Gx2|GSKILL F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL@ 1333 8-8-8-24
XFX 5870 1GB
MB MSI 870A-G54 AM3
a b À AMD
a c 78 à CPUs
a b K Overclocking
August 17, 2012 8:45:48 PM

I would expect a BIOS reflash to reset the settings.