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What's the difference in loading times between a 7200 rpm drive and an SSD? friend of mine says that its not worth it since the difference is only a couple of seconds. furthermore, i read an article that SSDs lose performance over a certain span of time.
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  1. I could never ever go back to using a HDD over an SSD. The change in experience is that drastic.

    The only reason not to get an SSD is if you cannot afford one.

    Don't get an SSD over a better video card or processor, but if you are already getting what you want and can spare the cash the choice is simple.

    HDD's will be virtually extinct in 5 yrs or so.
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    If you are benchmark junkie, you will drool over an SSD. Here's a real life measurement in same box .... w/ Vertex 3 Max IOPS (Tier 3 = fastest available for 120GB size) on SATA 0 and Seagate Barracuda XT (one of the fastest 7200 ro HD's) on SATA 1. I can select which one to boot off of from the BIOS,3088-6.html

    Boot Time from SSD = 15.6 seconds
    Boot Time from HD = 21.2 seconds

    If the 5.6 seconds gets ya blood pumping, you should invest in a SSD.

    If ya wanna see where the near future lies, I agree with the author here.....

    I really like where the Seagate Momentus XT series is heading, because I firmly believe all-in-one hybrid storage solutions are the future... at least until NAND flash components can cost as much as mechanical counterparts. Multi-part hybrid solutions with 3rd party software, such as those currently promoted by the competition, are hardly a match for integrated hybrid products like Momentus XT. Now grown to offer 750 Gigabytes of storage capacity, the new second-generation Seagate Momentus XT is offering the best of both worlds better than anyone else.

    The Momentus boots to Windows a second slower (17 secs) than the dedicated SSD (16 secs)

    Not a bad price at $250 when a 120GB SSD and 500 GB HD goes for $285ish
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