NailPolish as anti-conductive material?

Hey guys, I'm looking to glue some heatsink to mosfets and was wondering if nailpolish is okay to spread on the metal beforehand so it doesnt short out. Anyone know its conductivity or something common that could be used?
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  1. Most Vga heatsinks come with thermal pads/paste on them, theres is a thermal glue as well, but I wouldn't try nail polish
  2. Just sounds like a bad idea, just spend the few bucks on the proper gear to do the job instead of ruining what you have.
  3. Sorry I mustve failed to specify, its the motherboard mosfets I want to heatsink. Do people normally coat the electrical components first so it doesnt make contact?
  4. Thermal pads then, cut to size

    You don't need to coat, sand or otherwise mess with the fets/caps, just lay that on and mount the Hs you have
  5. Cool thanks
  6. No problem man, glad to help
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