out of scan range RESOLUTION 1024 X 768

i just had windows xp installed by a friend. now, every time i try to start i can see the xp logo loading next screen goes black then goes ultra black with the following message in grey in the center of the screen.

out of scan range
input 2: hp15
resolutin 1024 x 768

i know how to get into f8 and del at start,but safe mode doesn't do anything either.

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  1. Safe mode should use a generic setting, and if that does not work perhaps the monitor is bad?
  2. is there a way to set the resolution down from the set up or troubleshoot (del) or (f8) ?
    the monitor worked fine with windows 2000 pro.
  3. Did Windows 2000 use the same type of connection (VGA, DVI)?
    If you are using VGA, can you try DVI?
  4. i'll see when i get home.

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