Find e-mail program on windows 7

Hello,doesn't Windows 7 have an e-mail program already? had
WindowsXP before this.
What is it called for Windows 7?
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  1. Wrong section!!

    But no it does not have a program you can download a number of different ones for free i believe Microsoft has one for free on there site. I use outlook it comes with Microsoft office.
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    Win 7 does not come with an eMail program of it's own. The rumor is they removed it because the EU was looking at more than just browsers, but that's hearsay.

    You may choose Windows Live in the start options, and that includes an eMail client. Or you may use the eMail client of your choice. I use Thunderbird.
  3. Thunderbird is great, i have on a linux machine of mine :) I mean Office 2007's Outlook is the best ofcourse but thunderbird is no slouch, for a free app its a rip off IMO.
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