Best graphics card for my current setup and future upgrade


Here are my current specs.
Asus P5Q
Intel E 8500 @ 3.16
4 Gb Xms 2 800
PSU coolermaster Extreme power 650 W
Zotac 8800 Gt 512 mb

Im currently running a 17" 1280 x 1024 but going to purchase a 22 " with full HD resolution 1080p

What graphics card would be best for my current setup. Im leaning towards Radeon 5850, 5870a bit too pricey.

I know that 5850 will be bottle necked by my CPU, but am looking to upgrade to and i7 setup. I do not intend to crossfire/SLI so a single GPU is my preferred solution

PLease any feedback will be greatly appreciated
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